Private lessons are basically for any dog, whether they’ve been previously trained in obedience or not, or for the owner who wish to train his/her own dog or work on specific problem areas such as dog behavioral problems, distractions, or dog aggression with other dogs, or if the owner just want to brush up on some obedience commands. This is very similar to the professional dog training, but the sessions are more privatized and are planned to address a particular behavioral problem that must be achieved. With private lessons you may chose a single lesson or four to six lessons packages as you desire.

Our Work

Communications between owner and dog is the key to your dog obeying household rules, when you think of dog training think of communication. If you have any additional concerns or questions, or you want to customize a particular dog training course for your dog, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We will work overtime to satisfy all of your dog training desires plus any questions. Master’s Professional Dog Training will put together a training program that benefits the exact needs to meet your goals as well as to satisfy your dog needs.

At Master’s Professional Dog Training we are working to make your dog better! :)

On-leash Dog Training and Off-leash Dog Training is offered with this program. This program is basically the same Dog Training program as offered in the Private Lessons class except your dog is trained by Professional Dog Trainer Johnnye Fountain. When Dog Obedience Training is done on a professional level there are benefits of your dog being trained by a professional while working with your dog in a comfortable surrounding (your home) your dog tends to learn better. “When dog obedience problems arises”‘ learning becomes an essential part of dog training for both owner and dog. Master’s Professional Dog Training recommend In-Home dog training simply because it is the best way to train your dog. Most if not all, most dog obedience problems originate in home, and the reason being ” a lack of communication between owner and dog”. In-Home dog training teaches the owner how to communicate with their dog, it teaches the dog what will and will not be tolerated, and it also creates a closer bond between owner and dog. Once your dog has been trained in the basic obedience commands of heel, sit, stay, down, and come. You will be trained how to give voice commands to your dog. We guarantee this training for the life of your dog. Housebreaking and behavioral problems will be included in the price of training. A custom training schedule may be created to meet you and your dog’s needs.

Private Dog Training

Master’s Professional Dog Training provides professional in-home dog trainingin Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and the upper keys. Morning, evening and late afternoon appointments are available. We recognize that each dog and owner are different therefore they have unique needs and goals, therefore, we offer private lessons as well. To accomplish those goals, we have identified two separate areas of dog training that we will customize to meet your dog’s exact needs:

In-Home Professional Dog Training